What You Eat Is Your Business Essay

Published: 2021-06-29 01:49:53
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Food as a global issue
Topics on health care are becoming more and more popular, as people need to take care of themselves as good as possible. You are what you eat, and your health condition depends on your nutrition. People should be more responsible for the actions they do with their body.
Observations show the dependence of the occurrence of ulcers, tumors, other diseases of the gastrointestinal tract and other systems of the body on the quality of food and insufficiency of vitamin complexes in it. At the same time, there are examples and reverse dependence, while paying attention to the quality of food, the level of the disease population will significantly reduce.
It’s simply impossible to maintain the perfect balance of nutrients every day. Don’t blame the eater, as the fastest way for making the right choices is to spend a little time each day in order to listen to responsible people, to assess the condition of your skin and your physical and emotional status.
What you eat is your business
The problem of obesity among adults and children is becoming acute in many countries. Food manufacturers are an obstacle in the struggle for a healthy lifestyle against obesity. People with obesity usually have children with the same problem. Obesity can also have genetic causes, but most children simply take on the bad eating habits of their parents at home or from friends.
The problem of obesity of people, as well as health care, personal attitude toward food and the government actions toward it, were the main points of an argumentative essay. The author is American journalist, author of criminal justice, anti-drug and civil liberties in the Washington Post.
In what you eat is your business he highlights that government has to depict the situation from the various corners. He suggests the government take charge of regulating the prices of products that provoke obesity and, instead, make available so-called healthy products.
Balko argues that the government spending more money on anti-obesity measures is the wrong way to fix the obesity epidemic. He claims that people should be more responsible for their personal health and choices. It goes without saying that we are the main coordinators of our health and the way of life we lead. So, there is no organization that can make corrections into our lifestyle. Of course, we come across various food temptations, but we have to remember that our face is the mirror of the stomach. So, make the right conclusions.
On the other hand, there are opponents of such innovations. They believe that the government will not dictate to people who they are and new gifts will not make problems.
The food we consume is absorbed by the walls of the stomach and intestines, after this, it enters the blood, with which it begins to circulate throughout the body. The skin renewal cycle is 28 days; other organs and tissues have their own specific renewal cycle. This is a very difficult cycle. Do you know such rule that the products you ate some days later will appear on your skin the next day. Balko is sure that your personal body consists of what you eat and only you, but not the government, is responsible for the condition of your health.
The government can’t save the nation from obesity; the person himself or herself should be responsible for her or his actions. If people want to drink cola with pizza without paying attention to the consequences, so do that. Why should the government take care of it?
Enjoy different foods
Paying attention to what was said before, we are almost sure that many people would agree with the essay “What you eat is your business” by Balko. Keeping this in mind, we would like to warn you against extremes. Nutrition is an important thing, but, for example, if you find out that apples are good for health, does this mean that it is worth eating only apples?
Each nutrient has its effect on the body. So even if you limit your diet to only those products that are certainly beneficial to the body and skin, it will be difficult to achieve a direct effect. After all, to exert a beneficial effect on the body and skin, your food must contain a very wide range of vitamins and minerals. Therefore, remembering that every swallowed piece becomes a part of you, do not refuse the food that gives you pleasure – of course, within reasonable limits. People should be more responsible for what they eat and take care of themselves.
People should remember that at a time when the ecological state of the environment desires to be better when the food is not of the best quality, it is desirable to maintain a healthy lifestyle and engage in physical education and sports.

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