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Published: 2021-06-29 01:45:47
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I am pro-choice. I am not one person, but many. Here is what I believe:The fetus is not a human, just a mass of tissue. Abortion is safer than childbirth. Every child should be a wanted child. The number of abortions is relatively small.
Nobody has the right to impose their morals on me. A woman should be able to control her own body. Abortion must be kept legal, especially for all the rape and incest pregnancies. If abortion is outlawed women will be forced to go to back-alley abortion clinics.
Aborting unwanted children reduces the number of abused children. We need to remember that we are overpopulating the planet. Planned Parenthood is a group that focuses on contraception. Pro-life people are diverse in economic status, race, religion, and education. Yet, they are unified by the concept that all humans, especially the innocent unborn, have an inherent right to life. Here are things I believe as a Pro-Life person:I believe that the unborn child is human.
I believe that abortion is fundamentally a Civil Rights issue, I believe that the Roe v. Wade decision, legalizing abortion on demand in America, was one of the most important and devastating Supreme Court decisions. I believe that a constitutional amendment should be passed that gives equal protection to all living humans, including the unborn. I believe that the violence inside and outside abortion clinics is morally wrong. I believe that rape and incest are horrible crimes and should be punished, but I don’t believe that a child conceived from either should be killed.
I do not believe that the government should fund abortions. Being a religious person, I believe that the Bible backs up my views on abortion.

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