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Published: 2021-06-29 01:46:09
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Assignment: ResearchSurgery and TechnologyThroughout the history of surgery, there has been a strong effort to reduce the invasiveness and trauma associated with it. With this in mind, physicians have been able to develop great advancements. This has allowed the surgeons to do critical surgeries with minimal contact. With the help of booming technology, physicians can now use video imaging and endoscopy to assist in tedious work.
This not only allows the doctor a better perspective for diagnoses, but also greatly reduces the invasiveness of the surgery, resulting in higher survival rates, and faster patient recovery. With the assistance of technology, doctors can now also perform microscale surgeries. This field of surgery usually involves the use of robotics, these robots are not designed to replace the physician, they are just a means of developing more accurate techniques. An example of this, is the use of dexterity enhancement systems, this involves the use of a microprocessor that is placed between the surgeons hand and the tip of the surgical instrument. This procedure allows for tasks to be performed on a microscale level, not possible with the naked hand. Many people feel that the field of robotics will displace the surgeon, I do not think this is possible.
We must keep in mind, that there is an enormous demand on physicians today, and there are people dying as a result of repairable illness. So, if anything, robotics can only expand the number of physicians needed, since now they can perform surgeries more efficiently, and more patients can be admitted at one time.

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