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Published: 2021-06-29 01:48:50
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The Music Thief With the invention of the Internet, file sharing has become easier for people. Taking one file and sending it to someone or allowing someone else to acquire the file can be easy as one click. But when do we draw the line between file sharing and file stealing? There are those that believe that downloading music should not be considered stealing. But sharing music is a crime and as it becomes more popular people are losing money and Jobs.
Musicians depend on album sales as a means of income. When people buy more albums they make more money, that’s how the music industry works. But when people start pirating albums and songs then there will be less people buying the albums thus the profit for musicians would decrease. While people think that Just a few people downloading songs would not have an impact on the revenue for artist, they neglect the fact that if more and more people start following this ideology then it would turn into a huge impact.
When downloading songs it causes a decrease in profit for musicians and like any business when their profits suffer so does the whole business. It’s the profit from the album sales that pay for the musician’s studio time, music videos, other musician elaborations and for advertising. When musicians don’t have the money to be able to pay for these things then their careers an musicians will soon come to an end.
In the end by downloading more songs we are putting more musicians out of Jobs. At the end of the day it is our own choices to download songs that steal money and Jobs from musicians who we cherish. Even if we are not directly taking it with our own hands doesn’t change the fact that its being taken away because of out actions. How would you feel if people started copying your merchandise and started giving it away for free?

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