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Published: 2021-06-29 01:46:31
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NobeliumNobelium has the symbol No and is a radioactive metallic element with anatomic number of 102. Nobelium is in the actinide series being labeled as oneof the transuranium elements. The element is named after Alfred Bernhard Nobel,the Swedish inventor and philanthropist. Nobelium can be found when produced artificially in a laboratory.
Discovery of the element was first claimed in 1957 by scientific groups in theUnited States, Great Britain, and Sweden, but the first confirmed discovery of anobelium isotope was by a team of scientists at the Lawrence RadiationLaboratory in Berkeley, California and that took place in 1958. The isotope wascreated by bombarding curium isotopes with carbon ions. Chemically, the properties of nobelium are unknown, but because it is anactinide, its properties should resemble those of the rare earth elements. Isotopes with mass numbers from 250 to 259 and 262 are known. The most stableisotope, nobelium-259, has a half-life of 58 minutes. The most common isotope,nobelium-255, has a half-life of a few minutes.

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