Nineteen Eighty Four Essay

Published: 2021-06-29 01:45:54
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In Canada, we have the freedom to do almost anything. In the novel NineteenEighty Four, there is no freedom.
Although there are no laws in Oceania, thereare consequences to doing thoughtcrime. The consequences are used not forpunishment but for the limitation of people who may perform a crime in thefuture. There are many differences in our society today and the society that ofNineteen Eighty Four. In our society today, we encourage thinking.
Even inschools, children are taught to express themselves in any way possible. Storywriting, acting, or even art, there are a variety of ways to achieve that whilein Oceania, children are taught to spy on their parents to see if they arehaving thoughtcrimes. Thoughtcrime is a word in Newspeak that controls anyindividual thought. One cannot think on his or her own. He or she can only thinkwhat the government tells or allows him or her to think. If they are ever caughtwith thoughtcrime, he or she would be vapourized.
Freedom of speech is limiteddue to the fact that thought can lead to the destruction of the government. Speech is also restricted due the Newspeak. Newspeak limits the words one canuse to eliminate thoughtcrime. Without words, one cannot fully expressthemselves. The people of Oceania do not have the freedom of expression like wedo. Without thought, there is no expressions of any kind, which makes him or hera goodthinker.
A goodthinker is one that knows naturally, without thought, howto behave or act according to the government. In society today, there is freedomof expression everywhere. In magazines, on televisions, on people themselves andeven communication. People express themselves through their clothing, while inthe book, everyone wears the same thing.
There is no freedom of expressionwhatsoever. In both magazines and television, people express their opinion allthe time with no fear of being vapourized or the fear of the consequences thecommunity of Oceania has to face. Today, people will protest against thegovernment for what they believe in. For example, teachers protested Bill 160 inthe streets against the government.
There would never be public protests againstthe government in Oceania. History is important for one to know of what hashappened in the past and learn from it. We are able to learn history throughbooks, videos and even from people. History for the community of Oceania isconstantly changing. The workers of the Ministry of Truth, rewrites historywithout complaint.
Records are changed to better suit the present. People are sonaive that they would believe anything the government says. For example, one daythey can be at war with Eurasia, and the next minute they are at war withEastasia. The people of Oceania, are not living with any human rights.
Withoutfreedom, they are no better then a caged animal. There are just puppets that thegovernment controls. Everyone should be entitled to freedom in order to live ahappy and full life.

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