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Published: 2021-06-29 01:49:11
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Many people would agree that autumn produces some of the best sights and smells. There is so much to observe in the fall. The leaves on trees are changing in extremely colorful ways. Homes across the country display traditional Halloween and Thanksgiving decorations. The sky is golden pink in the morning and cloudy in the afternoon. Plus, on any given day, you can just stand still and feel the slight wind as falling leaves scrape across the cold concrete.
Many different smells across the air such as pies, carved pumpkins, or even the smell of homemade thanksgiving food can bring joy to our lives. Everyone loves the nice, breezy weather in fall. The breeze is just about perfect when it blows through your hair while you’re going running or hiking. On a nice, cool day it makes you want to lie down and take time to relax and stare at the clouds and hope the wind takes you away. Summer seems peaceful, but if you try and go running you get intensely hot and begin to sweat more than average.
Have you ever wondered how the weather affects and influences autumns vibrate colors? Research shows that three main facts have been proven to cause leaves to change colors. The yellow and orange colors are the result of declining daylight. The red and purple colors are highly dependent on temperature and rain. And lastly, more vibrate colors occur when there are cool but above freezing temperature, sunshine, and dry weather. It always seems like in todays society if you are not busy you are not working.
For anyone that feels the pressure to always work and succeed, this is a good reminder to take time to relax every now and then. Even though this a short quote, its words speak wisdom to every person who stops and thinks about its importance. And lastly, because the cool temperatures are coming in, fall is the perfect time to get out the jackets, scarves, boots, and sweaters from the attic in preparation for the change of season. My favorite memories are always associated with the fall season.
As far back as I can recall, going to the neighborhood park and my brother trying to teach me how to play football was the best part of growing up during the fall season. Many high school, college, and NFL football players and coaches can tell you that autumn is all about football. In fact, nearly 64% of the entire population of the U. S. viewed an NFL game this year. That’s 206,080,000 people! Every kid can tell you that dressing up as a scary or cute character while going trick or treating is his absolute favorite activity about the fall season.
Lets be honest, kids rule on Halloween night. They walk around in silly costumes and get candy for free. But sadly, as you grow older, the trick or treating begins to slowly stop. But it doesn’t matter which side of the door you’re on, it’s a fun filled time for everyone. The season is a treasure that many people tend to overlook. So next time the season rolls around make sure you stop and take in the beautiful scenery, wonderful weather, and life’s greatest moments, cause you just might miss out.

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