My Last Day in Haiti Essay

Published: 2021-06-29 01:49:11
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Everyone has their story. I remember when I left my country Haiti. It was a sad day in my life. I was very unhappy. I just thought that leaving my country wasn’t a good decision for me. In addition, traveling to another country wasn’t easy for a couple reasons. First, I was going to meet different people, and I didn’t know anything about the other country. However, I had my purpose to move forward to another country for many reasons. For example, my education and my financial situation were two of them. Unfortunately, I was feeling sad that day because I was going to miss my family members, my friends, and my culture.
First of all, I was going to miss my family members because most of them live in Haiti. In addition, I was afraid for numerous reasons because I had my favorite aunt that I grew up with in Haiti. My aunt was a part in my life because she always cared for me during 22 years. I couldn’t imagine leaving my beloved aunt was going to be easy for me. As well I felt my sadness in that day, and made me cry. She tried to give me her sympathy. I couldn’t accept it because she was my adored aunt. Unfortunately, the time was passing and I took my new life in charge. I just followed my purpose to move on.
On the other hand, I started my new life, and forgot every negative idea. Second of all, people usually have trouble when they leave their country because they are going to miss their friends. I was sad that day because I was going to miss my beloved friends. They were amazing. They were coming to see me on my last day in Haiti in my family house. When they arrived, they talked to me and gave me their advice to make me comfortable. They tried to make me enjoy that day, but I couldn’t even feel it. We ate our breakfast together, and I still felt sad in my heart.
I thought about how close us to each other. I started to cry, and I couldn’t be happy. As they spoke to me, they kept telling me everything was going to be well. I kept my head outside the window of my house, and stopped talking to them because they augmented my melancholy. They were my beloved friends. They were amusing and fantastic to me. After being with my friends, my aunt, my friends, and I went to the supermarket to say my last goodbye to the seller and the manager. At this moment, I realized how much I was going to miss my culture. I gave the seller and manager big hugs accompanied to a kiss.
They missed me. I hawk to buy a big fish with plantain on that moment so that I could remember them. I was going to miss my food custom very much because I liked to enjoy with my family and friends. I thought about my favorite food which was rice and bean. I obliged to say goodbye with my culture. Finally, we got to the airport, then we had to say some more goodbyes including one to my aunt that I felt so attached with because I was living whit her. Scanning my bags didn’t take long and very soon I couldn’t see anyone I knew except my siblings.
I boarded the flight and flew to Miami. This was a big plane but I had bigger things to worry about, my siblings. I had a bad depression about leaving my country. These three clues made me sad on my last day in Haiti: my family, my friends, and my culture. I had so many reasons to feel that sadness. I remember everything that I saw in the airport. I was the first to see my dad in twenty-two years, and it was the second time in my life. At the end of my journey, I was very happy when I saw my dad. It was getting pretty dark outside; at least the journey was over

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