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Published: 2021-06-29 01:49:08
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In my ideal city all women will be respected and thought of as wise, intelligent, hardworking, and as having value. Woman would be able to choose any profession they wanted and truly would have equal pay for equal work. Being a mother and caregiver of their children would be realized as a very important position, since they are caring for and shaping the future generations. In fact, woman would be given great respect because they can incubate, birth, and nurse children. Stay at home moms and mothers that work part time would be giving a living stipend so they can stay home longer. All women would have two years paid maternity leave.
The women that decided to go back to work would have on-site child care available to them. They would have the ability to go have lunch with their child, check in on them during breaks, or even nurse them throughout the day. If their child really needed their mother or was upset, the mother would not face negative consequences to go see their child. It would be considered normal and encouraged to help their child feel calm and happy again. Work hours would be more flexible with more ability to work from home. A work week would be 30-32 hours a week, rarely working longer with great health benefits, including birth control.
I would think that women would have every bit of a chance to get any position in a company as a man as long as she had the ability to do the job and other job requirements. Women would no longer be second shelved though. They would be encouraged to get the necessary requirements in any field. No man would ever feel negative thoughts that he was working or training with a woman. He would just see her as a competent individual. All women would nurse their children unless there was a medical reason that they were not able to. Nursing would be the norm and the expected nutrition of babies.
Everyone would know the value of nursing and it would be encouraged. Women could nurse anywhere they could be and would not be forced to go to the bathroom or cover up with a blanket. No one would be offended by something so important. This society would want all of their children to increase their intellectual ability and everyone would know that nursing would help a child to reach that goal. Some women might live in commune type of environments if they wanted. They could live with several of their friends and the women could share the house with each other and their children, while sharing daily tasks.
They could enjoy friendships and a sense of community. Maybe the houses could be large enough for their husbands too. It would be somewhat based on the activities of The Farm commune or the shows, Big Love (2006-2011) and Sister Wives (2010- ), without the polygamy, unless of course that is what the women wanted. It could also be a great way for single mothers to be able to pay their bills while still getting housework, shopping, and food making done, along with yard work and home repairs, while having their child cared for by themselves or by a close, trusted friend.
One or two women may prefer to work, just like on Sister Wives (2010- ). I kind of feel like men could be optional. Maybe it could be a city that was women only. Of course, they could have men visitors and boyfriends but this city could thrive on women working in the public offices, schools, city workers, as mechanics, in health care, and in grocery and department stores. I would love to see women taking the natural and caring approach that they do along with their strength and fortitude and make it a really fabulous city.
It could be a beta test city but soon the world would see that the saying “like a girl” would mean wonderful things. There would be farms run by women raising organic fruits and vegetables along with animals that would be free ranged and raised in ethical ways. Women could teach dance, make cheese, bread, jelly, and soap or anything else they fancy. They could be lesbians or not, but I think there would still be a lot of heterosexual women that would enjoy the sense of community with other women Abortion is something that I personally don’t agree with even though it’s often the hot topic for women.
I would like to see that all women would feel that it’s ok to have their baby and that they would want their baby but if they felt that they could not care for their child at that time I would want adoption to be the option. I think with the great benefits women could get to help them raise their child I would hope that they would not feel alone and that pregnancy and birth would always be celebrated like it should. Since there wouldn’t be as many men around in this city there should be less sexual harassment, molesting, and rape, but also because everyone was raised to respect and honor women.
If a woman ran into trouble with a man from another town she would be believed and he would be punished. The woman would be giving counselling for her to deal with the atrocity. Rape is a reason for the Plan B drug though so that would be available if needed, because no one should have to go through a pregnancy that would give them PTSD. I think the city should be called something like, Big Love, Like a Girl, or Tranquility. I think this city would be great and I would move there in a heartbeat.

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