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Published: 2021-06-29 01:48:03
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Music Appreciation Lab Questions Welcome to your first online Music Appreciation lab assignment! At this point, you are asked to complete the video Journey questions. Each link (the title of the lab) has a set of questions beneath it. Using the link, answer the questions that follow. Note that links open up a new browser window. Please include the questions and answers when you submit your assignment in the dropped. Use appropriate headings in your assignment. Submit the work as one file attachment. This means you complete all work in one word processing document e. . , Microsoft Word) and attach the file using the dropped tool. Submit your work in Unit 1: Lab Questions dropped basket. The answers to the lab questions are worth 10 points. Lab Questions Visit Latin Music USA and watch the videos. Please view all video chapters. 1. Describe some of the influence of Latin music in the US in the early part of the twentieth century Latin music gave a new type of music to the US. It gave an great infusion on Latin culture and melding pot. 2. What was the significance of “Machismo and His Afro-Cubans”?
It was African first time going out to the public. 3. How did Dizzy Gillespie incorporate Latin music into his music? Dizzy thought Jazz music was boring so he added Latin music and Jazz together to start something different. 4. What was the Palladium? An old dance studio that all types of people went too. The passion to dance united them as one. 5. How did the television and films increase the exposure of the US to Latin music? It allowed Latin music to go world wide 6. How did Latin music influence rock music? There is Latin influence in the rhythm of rock music.
There was a huge Latin influence on rock music because musicians incorporated familiar music of their day-to-day life, Latin.. Rock music was influenced by Latin music because of how fast they became popular in the ass’s. 7. Why do you think Latin music had such a great influence on the development of popular music? Because it was new and had good rhythms and beats. 8. Do you think that any of the music that you listen to has Latin influences? Why or why not? Not really because it has a different type of music from a different culture. Music Unit 1 Lab By IANA-Ann

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