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Published: 2021-06-29 01:48:04
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Many issues lie conceding today’s music. Parents complain about song lyrics and the message the song sends out to the youngsters of Americas society. Parents try to stop rappers like Mine, Jay-Z, and Jaw Rule from corrupting the minds of children. They say its gives them (children) ideas about drugs and crimes being that they are seeing there idols on TV rap about it. But on question I ask myself is are the parents right or are the rappers rapping the truth.
I believe that it is the parents responsibility to kook after their children to guide them and to stay on top of what they are doing no matter what. Rappers like Mine have stated this. In Imines song “I am” he says “they blame it on Marylyn and the heroin, but where were the parents”. I believe he is correct in everyday. I believe that the parents are getting upset due to the fact that because they are not doing there Job which is raising kids the TV is doing it for them. Other rappers such as the former Tuba Shaker always spoke the harsh truth about life and the future.
Because of this parents became alarmed that their children would grow up to deal drugs and perform illegal operations, Just because a rapper finally expressed how hard life is. If a parent does not want their children to listen to rap music then they should watch them and take responsibility for them instead of blaming it on someone else. Maybe Just maybe when the parents start to do that all the shoot outs in school will stop and the truth wont have to come out. Music : Pros and Cons By Expressway Contributor

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