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Published: 2021-06-29 01:48:02
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Through the evolution of Army bands and the Israeli Song Festival, changes began to occur within the Israeli society. The military establishment in Israel, and the role of the military in Israeli culture have been influential on Israeli music. Between the sass’s and sass’s the legato taxation dominated the field of Israeli popular music. The legato taxation were entertainment groups put together by different army groups. These groups included enlisted soldiers with talent or performing experience hat toured bases and field positions to entertain the troops.
The young people who contributed to the legato made sure to bring in the latest trending styles, fashionable genres, and practices from Western popular music. In the sass’s members and musicians wanted to incorporate rock n’ roll into their music, which lead to the dilemma that importing music was “inauthentic”. The members of the legato then wish to open up to global trends, turning Israel into a pop culture society. The Israeli Song festivals were the most well known song contest in Israel.
The purpose of these festivals was to promote the writing of original Hebrew songs, with emphasis in both music and lyrics. Performers who participated in the Israel song festival would compete with one another and be Judged by the public. The festival was viewed as a partial failure because it became more of a competition. The partial success was that music was still being produced. The Army Bands and Israeli Song festivals cased a social change which made the people in the society adapt to new music. A lot of the music was created themselves but was influenced by the new pop culture.

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