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Published: 2021-06-29 01:48:48
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My favourite film is The Matrix because it is a great all round film the special effects are absolutely brilliant but so is the plot, normally we either have the pleasure of great special effects or a plot, not both of them together, but this film has definitely pulled it off. The matrix is quite a complex film to understand, especially for people who have trouble understanding most films, but I found that if I thought about it, I got it alright. The film will put you into so many different situations quite suddenly which really makes you feel as though you are truly part of the film.
Ill start off by explaining what the films about, the matrix is a computer generated world, the world that we live in created by electronic monsters. Humans are merely batteries for them, but the world we live in is created to make us happy. Humans are grown in some sort of cells until ripe for power! The actual story to the matrix is that humans have created a world of technology that they can’t control and the technology has taken over, wiping away the world, hence the computer generated one.
Then we are introduced to neo (keanu reeves), a computer hacker in his spare time who soon realises that the fbi are interested in him. He is then taken by morpheus (Lawrence Fishbourne)n and is introduced to the Matrix and the technology surrounding it. Morpheus trains Neo with a variety of different training programmes to make him able to cope with the new found world. Neo soon finds out that Morpheus thinks that he is the ‘one’ who can save the world and battle against the technology that has been created. Neo doesn’t believe any of this, but begins to towards the end of the film.
I’m not going to try and explain any more of this film but I love a film with a good story line and the right amount of action which this film pulls off. The special effects used in this film are absolutely mind blowing. In one scene, and probably the most famous scene, Neo dodges bullets and you see it all in slow motion as the bullets fly past him, also the helicopter scene was absolutely amazing. It all looks real, that’s the thing that got to me. Normally in a film, you can tell that it’s special effects and you don’t think too much of it, apart from the usual ‘oh they were good special effects’.
However, in The Matrix, the special effects are so good, you can’t actually see any signs of special effects and if you didn’t know they were special effects then you wouldn’t know they were. There is also a good soundtrack to the film which adds to the films brilliance. I generally enjoy action films but this is a whole new genre of filming and special effects and a mind bending plot that really does make you wonder. Is the world as we know it controlled by machines, are we kept happy for something we don’t know about, what is this world all about… and also, is that spoon your holding really there or is it a figment of your imagination?

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