Literary Analysis of Edward Thomas Poetry Essay

Published: 2021-06-29 01:47:26
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His first personification of words; ‘You English words? ‘ , at the end of his first stanza gives words a sense of power articulacy over Thomas. This first initial personification becomes after language such as WI you choose’,use’,drain’ are used which are all power giving verbs and adds to this powerful personification. Thomas extraordinary personification of words could be seen as a way of counteracting is lack of confidence, by giving words the power to choose him as a poet gives him Justification over his modesty.
Idealization of words is another way in which Thomas makes them appear extraordinary. In the second stanza Thomas suggests a sense of value to words by hosing similes to describe them, with language such as ‘precious as gold’, tough as oak’, ‘as poppies and corn’ each simile has a reference to a natural value and suggests the need Thomas feels for words. For example the simile comparing words to poppies and corn suggests not only a vulnerability from the delicacy of a poppy but life’s fundamental need for foods such as corn.
Thomas also builds on the personification of words by creating vivid imagery through his description by using the senses, for example ‘sweet as our birds’, ‘in the heat’ and ‘as the burnet rose’ all eave a strong sense of sound, touch, smell and sight. Sibilance Is also present In this same stanza with phrases such as ‘strange as the races’ and ‘strange and sweet’ this soft sound adds to the delicate descriptions of words and also strengthens the personification.
Thomas extraordinary concepts within his poem is another way he creates an extraordinary feel on the ordinary views of words. His concept that words and language are forever changing can be shown through his listing of similes in the second stanza his listing adds to the idea of forever changing language and the diversity of words. His clear Juxtaposition of language from ‘oldest yew’ to young as our streams’ almost creates for the reader the lifestyle concept that Thomas personifies upon language and words.
Thomas also adds oxymoron’s at various points throughout his poem which is another way in which Thomas creates an extraordinary feel, he uses oxymoron’s such as ‘Joy or their pain’, ‘strange and sweet’ and Worn new’ in both the first and second stanzas. By using these oxymoron’s Thomas is creating confusion and ultimately adding to the power words have over him. The most prominent way Thomas appears to make ordinary things such as rods appear extraordinary Is through his linking of Ideas and concepts throughout the poem to the personification and language he uses.
Thomas personification and freedom he gives to words ultimately mirrors his concept that words are forever changing the fluidity of the stanza’s is also another way Thomas adds to create the idea of constant fluidity and natural change, similarly to his imagery of the circle of life In describing the oldest yew’ to the youngest stream’ each element of his poem evidently leads to an extraordinary view and description to what may first seem ordinary.

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