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Published: 2021-06-29 01:48:22
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Good afternoon ladies and gentlemen. As we all now we are all gathered here today to debate, argue over a bill concerning an increase in immigration. We may not all be on the same side. But personally I am for increasing immigration and in the following I will explain, my reasons.
Since the early 1600s and after the great depression Canada has had many ups and downs concerning immigration. It has had immigrants flea from all different countries from around the world. Some people from other countries have come here for many sorts of reasons. Some came looking for riches like the French during their years. Some others were forced to leave Canada because of war or persecution.
During the Industrial Revolution people from Britain & Europe migrated into Canada. Since the 1978 Immigration Act Canada has made rules and objectives regarding immigration. There are 3 class of immigrants, the 2nd class is the Family class which are potential immigrants that have to be closely related to a Canadian citizen. The Refugee class are people who have been forced to leave their country because of war or persecution. The 3rd class is theindependent class which are people admitted on the basis of skills, capital, and jobs available in Canada. The Act also prohibits certain categories of people those are the ones that pose a threat to the society.
I think that Immigration in Canada should be increased because it is moral to let people have the freedom to live a life the way they want to. Also because I think that it will be socially accepted and also that an increase in immigration will lead to Canada being seen as a good country. I believe that increasing immigration is something that should be put into action, because every day there are more people wanting to get away from the life that they have know. More people want to have a better life every day and they turn to Canada. It is the morally right to let people have the chance and freedom to choose the way of life that they want to live. They have the right to seek for a better life in a different place if they are not happy with the way they are living know.
People have the right to go in search for better opportunities and denying them those rights would be morally wrong. Some countries that are less developed than Canada dont have all these opportunities that are provided and available to us. Those people that want a better life shouldnt be denied the opportunity to come to Canada and try to live a better life. Another point is that I believe is that Canadians will accept more immigrants, because immigrants do a lot for Canada.
Most of the immigrants that come to Canada are the ones that prosper. They make andopen new businesses for the rest of us. They provide us with more job opportunities, and this is good for Canada because we as a nation aregrowing and more people every day need a job. Many immigrants that come here bring along their skills which is an advantage because there are some jobs that perhaps others cant do and they can.
In my view immigrants play an important role in creating and providing jobs for many Canadian citizens. Canada needs immigrants. To conclude my point is that by increasing immigration in Canada it will be socially accepted and it is for sure morally right to have people migrate to Canada to avoid persecution, wars and in some cases avoid getting their human rights denied. Canadian immigration should be increased.Bibliography:

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