How the Northern Renaissance Unfolded Essay

Published: 2021-06-29 01:49:47
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The Renaissance was beginning oaf new era of creative arts. This era started around 14th century and spanned until the 17th century. During this period people were more artistic and as a result of that many great artists produced during the period. The Renaissance era believed to began in Italy at first and then it spread around the Northern Europe. This creative artistic cultural change in Northern Europe, which influenced by Italy, is called the Northern Renaissance was approximately started around 1450 A.
D. Even though Northern European adopted it from Italy, their ideas techniques and materials were quiet different than what we can see in the Italian Renaissance. Even though both Italian renaissance and Northern renaissance had similar Ideas. There were enough differences between them to identify one from the other. Northern renaissance mostly focused on religious ideas. They were more concern with reform the church and adopt the path of early Christian church.
Jan van Cock’s Ghent Altarpiece (closed), Saint Baby Cathedral, Ghent and Rosier vender Hoyden’s Deposition also show this concept. Also northern renaissance art artist were more realistic than Italian renaissance artists. Their painting didn’t have Greek gods but real people. Many of their painted scenes were from daily life but not classical myths. Northern renaissance techniques also were quite different than that of their counter part Italian renaissance.
They found new oil technique, which they can paint in layers that would create light and PPTP of colors in the paintings. Wooden panel painting is also another famous technique used in the northern renaissance era where they did paintings in wooden panel or multiple wooden panels. Wood cut printmaking technique was also become popular at this time. In this technique they draw their painting in the wood and then cut away the untouched areas and then inked the image to a paper. When we consider the materials and mediums that used during the

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