The Mona Lisa is a opposed portrait of Mona Lisa Gioconda Essay

Published: 2021-06-29 01:48:13
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Leonardo Da Vine’s painting The Mona Lisa is probably one of the most well known paintings in history, according to the ALLURE museum in Paris estimate that fully” 80 percent of the museum’s 6. 6 million annual visitors come mainly to look at Leonardo Dad Vine’s 500-year-old 2010). Owe we have to wonder why, What captivates people to come every year and view The Mona Lisa, is it the way her eyes appear to look right through you, or is it to admire the work Of Dad Vinci, could it be a combination Of both? The Mona Lisa is a opposed portrait of Mona Lisa Giaconda also known as “Lisa Grained the wife Of a wealthy Renaissance Florentine merchant, Francesco del Giaconda” (Harris, 2010). This painting captivates you at first glance and has a mysterious nature to it.
While examining the visual aspect of this painting you first notice that the painting itself is a half length portrait showcasing the head and torso of the subject Lisa Giaconda, she has her hands crossed over and is wearing a smile that is enigmatic, Alias’s eyes appear to be looking back at you from the painting, ND the light play in them gives them a depth that appears to be more than a two dimensional painting should have, Lisa is placed in the center of the painting with an outside backdrop of water, trees, and mountains and she is larger in scale than her surroundings to ensure that she is the focus of the portrait not the scenery.
Her dress is appropriate for the timeshare both modest but of better texture than most could afford, She also has on a veil over her hair which was common practice during that period, and does not mean she is in mourning

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