Drawings: Leonardo Da Vinci and Michelangelo Essay

Published: 2021-06-29 01:48:14
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Their drawings proposed a distinctive perception into each artist’s work and ideas. Both dad Vinci and Michelangelo employed drawing as a medium to develop new ideas and convey artistic thoughts. They used it to illustrate for themselves what they were going to do as a form of preliminary study. You can say that their drawings are in a way how they experimented and planned their work because they provided the foundation for their efforts as sculptors, painters, and architects. In addition their drawings re depictions of their experiences, ideas, and thoughts.
According to Assayer “recording the path of their artist’s hand directly on paper, artists also tint drawing to be a ready-made means to self-expression. It is as if in the act of drawing, the spirit of the artist finds its way to paper,” (p. 1 70) Both artists depicted reality in all its detail and their figures were tilled with vitality and liveliness, As these two artists worked on their drawings to develop their new ideas and thoughts they provided a unique perspective of their individual Sino and outlook of life and the word around them.
According to “GIANT Editor” (2005), to Leonardo dad Vinci, the nature and function of his drawings was mostly a way to document his scientific experiments in an extensive scope of grounds of perception and creativity as well as knowledge, “a practice therefore in Which the intention to depict cannot be separated from the process of knowledge and which reflects his studies, experiences, inventions and considerations” (GIGANTIC Editor, 2005) dad Vine’s main purpose was to recreate tauter in the most precise and technical way possible and he managed to do so by following the ingenious processes of his mind.
On the other hand, to Michelangelo, the nature and function of his drawings served more as material he needed for his work. The drawings were mostly used as testing, planning and the exploring of new ideas and to express the visions of his minds-eye. His primary focus was in human figures specially the male body “and his drawings chart his relentless search to find poses that would most eloquently express he emotional and spiritual state of his subjects. ” (The British Museum”, n. . ) Both Leonardo dad Vinci and Michelangelo conveyed their ideas, thoughts, and experiences in drawings that served as basis to most to their masterpieces, but without the intention, these drawings became masterpieces in their own, They provided a crucial link between their most prominent works in different fields of their artistic behaviors as well as a great connection to their experiences and ideas allowing their drawings to become the primary means of making art.

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