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Published: 2021-06-29 01:48:14
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Music in the Utilities Garden depicts a fashionable Parisian crowd socializing in the the Utilities garden as they enjoy the music played by a band, Meant has not included the musicians in the painting. The scene is crowded and the composition Of people occupies more than half Of the canvas. Meant has attempted to capture the hustle-bustle of the modern life of people living during the era.
He has paid attention to each individual stressing on their different actions expressions. Music in the Utilities also explores the clear division of how he opposite sexes are portrayed to be in terms of attitude such as the women in the blue and white are comfortably seated, calm and grounded whereas the gentlemen in black hats are active and remain standing. The colors are dull and harmonicas, hut yet the energy is captured in the painting through the quick brushstrokes given by Meant which is an identifiable characteristic of impressionism.
Visual texture is also observed in the painting which makes the viewer feel as it they are present during this occasion. ‘Music in the Adulteries’ Dance at el Million De la Galatea by Renoir depicts a Sunday afternoon t Million De la Galatea in Paris. In the composition we see many Parisian gathered out of which people are dancing eating and drinking, the entire painting is a sea of joyful faces, except for a man sitting on the right who seems to be in a pensive mooch Renoir through this painting wanted to depict the sheer happiness and excitement and experiences of a social gathering.
Different individuals are in midst’s of their different actions Renoir is brightly colluded brushstrokes to add movement to the figures and also to better enhance their expressions, this also adds depth and shadows. The visual effect is overall very eight and feathery which feels very dreamy in terms of the eye of the viewer. Both paintings depict the happenings paintings are also painted outdoors because of which both artists have paid attention to the importance of natural light in their paintings, to create certain moods and atmosphere.
The mood Of the paintings is bustling with movement that is usually experienced during social events, the mood is also further enhanced due to the artist choice of colors and BRB keystrokes. Renoir on one hand uses bright colluded pigments, resulting in a very happy and vibrant mood to be given,whereas Meant use of dull paints rates a calmer hut yet hustling effect to the painting.
Rennin’s work has a use of many circular forms and this can be seen in the shapes of the people heads and the light bulbs, Meant has a wide of use of forms with different shapes such as the triangular segment tooth blue sky or the narrow elongated trees throughout the composition. Both artists have paid attention to each individual because the presence tot each individual also aids in defining the mood. The viewer is immediately ‘transported’ to the world of the different paintings which is the interesting characteristic that both paintings share due to visual texture.
One of the most significant creative parts of Manatee’s is its use of dull colors despite the mood of the scene which was filled with energy which was unique and special to the painting. The most appealing factor of Rennin’s furor would be its size, since no artist before him had created a painting capturing an aspect of life fifths magnitude. Both paintings are appealing due to the different styles, both scenes link the art of collective portrait, still life and landscape painting which is the main characteristic that really like about both the paintings.

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