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Published: 2021-06-29 01:48:15
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Contour drawing To create a contour drawing we are using only contour lines. Contour lines are lines that describe the edges and surfaces of objects. This is one of the most natural ways to draw. In geography contour lines are used to describe the topography Off land mass. You may be familiar with this already. In art, contour drawing means that we simply draw what we see with line. There is no shading or color.
Not an outline Be sure to understand that contour drawing is more than just an outline, It is a omelet drawing that records with line every detail in the object(s) being drawn Types of contours There are different types of contour drawings. Hopefully sore of these are familiar to you. 1. Blind contour 2. Slow contour 3. Exaggerated contour 4. Cross contour Blind contour Blind contour drawings are called blind because while you are drawing you do not look at your paper You only look at the subject. This is a drawing exercise to have us practice really looking at our subject matter, and recording what we see.
It allows us to really use our right brain and tune out the left brain’s response Of symbolizing an image. In a blind contour our pencil never leaves the page. We follow a line describing the image as we are seeing it, worrying more about recording What we are seeing, our observation skill and less about our drawing skill. Slow Contour Once we have practiced really seeing our object by drawing it blind, we can complete a slow contour of it, This means we are allowed to look at the page, and SE an eraser, but we should still be looking at the subject more than the paper!
Exaggerated contour An exaggerated contour is a type of line drawing that chooses one area to emphasize or exaggerate. It is oaten used in illustration, and cartooning. Cross contour Cross contour is a line drawing that follows the surface area. It’s curves and shapes with descriptive lines. It gives a very interesting effect. The use of cross contour within a finished work of art can create a very interesting design. Abstract cross contour We will be making an abstract cross contour by following a very simple set of rules.
Your assignment Unless otherwise specified, all of your work will be completed on 8. Xx inch paper. Staple all work together and remember to put your name on your work! You will have 5 days to complete this assignment, To be completed and passed in…. Finished note taking handout. A blind contour of your hand. A slow contour of your hand. Use the handout to create an exaggerated contour off giant. Use the handout to create a cross contour.

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