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Published: 2021-06-29 01:47:34
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All poems explore similar variations of concerns. Both “You’ll be hearing from us shortly’ and “Reports” Illustrates that both of these poets show similar concerns on how, both show judgmental analysis, as an ideal as what we have to come up with later on this essay. Both AU Panther and Vernon Cannels illustrates to each of their poems share similar concerns. Hide and seek &Half past two are written in third person perspectives, by both poets. The tone of Hide and seek are descriptive, and simple and some personifications into it.
But when it heads towards the near end of the poem the speaker changes the whole tone into; lonely, upsetting mood and dark to give a sense that this poem Is not all about fun and games. It goes all dark as It illustrates that the poet CIA Panther is writing a poem with lots of use of imagery an ideal of this is “Hide in your blindness” It illustrates a lonely and serious perception In a way that this poem Is heading towards a way, where there Is no place to go.
Half past two is also written in third person. The tone of this poem is rather confusing hen you look at it in a child’s perspective how he, the character who tries to figure out what Half past two is all about and makes an attempt to compare with his aspect of time an ideal of his time are “guesstimating”, “sleeping’s” and “Homework’s” are what illustrates to himself what time really meant. The tone is also nervous and that the child Is scared on what he shouldn’t do.
Both poem are being portrayed by two main characters by two young kids and how both illustrates similar concerns in a way that both characters give out the same emotions as a sad, lonely child. Both tones are similar because both characters creates an upsetting situation which sets the mood for the poem. You’ll be hearing from us shortly & Reports Is another Illustration that share salary concerns. You’ll be hearing from us shortly is a particular poem to dispatch a line with a professional and personal life. It illustrates a sense of a person is under control by someone who Is In a upper level than there are.
In this poem the person being interviewed is the type of person that has no real worth in the poem he’s almost like as if he was a bystander. The amount of questions he gets and the amount of answers he gives. It really doesn’t matter because the answer Is overall going to be wrong, an ideal of this is when the interviewer gives the person a question such as “Personally have to offer” and in response the person getting interviewed “Ah” It Illustrates to us show that the person answering the question has no real worth in this poem.
The tone of this poem is less motivation, nervous and very critical when it comes to Judgmental issues on appearance, an ideal of this is Perhaps, find your appearance disturbing the interviewer gives a harsh critical opinion that does not need to be in a job interview because everyone has their right with their own personal appearance. It also illustrates good amount of variations of Shimmer” (Alliteration), “So glad we agree” xx ( Repetition) and it also contains a lot of rhetorical questions. Reports is a poem where teacher s make comments on how the child’s progress is doing in school.
The speaker is generally worried about school. Illustrates similar concerns in You’ll be hearing from us shortly it also makes critical judgment “Finds the subject difficult” is a critical Judgment but can be true because the teacher makes good analysis of what the kids progression doing in class, but then again in this poem the setting is a type of school that does not make good comments but make they’re critical Judgment. The teacher uses same dull and not so descriptive words in the report such as “Satisfactory’, “fair” and “quite good” as if the teacher put a little positive in to it.
Both poems show similar ideals for both child and person getting interviewed, illustrates many critical words by both the interviewer and teacher. Both the Interviewer and the Teacher are far more superior than the other two characters. Both Dear Mr.. Lee & Leaving School are both about school life and how it affects the main characters. The title of Dear Mr.. Lee does not quite depicts on how it related to school to school, and it gives a difficult impression on what’s going to happen in this poem. Dear Mr.. Lee gives us a negative tone about school, it also gives a negative impact with in the teaching system.
With this poem it only has two full stops. Because t seems the character is sounds pretty excited and obsessed with Mr.. Lee. It depicts it in the second stanza ” Dear Mr.. Laurie, please don’t feel guilty for me failing the exam, but it wasn’t your fault” it illustrates to us that he really cares. It has the same repetition and rhyming. Leaving School is about a eight year old boy who left a public school to go to a Boarding School and finds it hard to cope with as it rather feels like as if he was in a military like environment. He forgets simple techniques such as putting on his clothes.
Both poems share similar concerns on how both characters give a negative impact on a particular target. Both are very different when it comes to how its written and spoken. But both character give out a similar negative impact on a subject. All poems show different affects views and some similar aspects of views. An ideal of this are manfully be hearing from us shortly’ and “Reports” on how both poems give a judgmental critical opinion on a particular opinion and how both shows similar concerns and that’s how I tried to depict it in this whole essay.

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