Analysis of Painting (Asleep) Essay

Published: 2021-06-29 01:48:15
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We might be safe room physical harm, but definitely not “safe” in our minds when we are asleep. You will eventually realize that we are most vulnerable when we are asleep as we let our daily fears, phobias and stress creep slowly upon our sub-conscious minds, This picture, the author, Sabina thinks of the monster as a manifestation of her fears and worries that lurks in her mind, disrupting her not-woefully slumber. Sabina thinks that in her dreams, studies, dreams and relationships transform into a cold and heartless metallic monster that haunts her even in her elope.
The painting uses dull colors for most of the painting and in respect to the metallic monster that lurks in humans minds. The monster is a dull grey and the floor is beige ,The only vibrant part of the painting is the gown of the girl in her slumber. The bright blue catches viewers’ eyes and most likely, is conveying a message that the joyous parts of the girl’s mind is fighting a losing battle against the most depressing and overpowering portion of her mind. Have the same thoughts as the girl. Sometimes when am in the deepest part
Of my slumber, I dream of something that isn’t there. Dream Of something scary and twisted. Sometimes wake up drenched in sweat and tears, but completely forgets and have no idea Of What kind Of dream I just had. There is no telling what kind of nightmare I will wake up to when fall asleep once again. Falling asleep can be a refuge for those who are in trouble with their lives, but the truly frightening part is how we are going to face our inner demons with courage and bravery.

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