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Published: 2021-06-29 01:49:55
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101-36 Persuasive Essay 9/22/96Abortion, the easiest way to fix one’s mistakes. I mean, if one isgoing to screw around and accidentally get knocked up, why should they have tobe responsible for the outcome of messing around. Why not just murder theunborn child. That is what goes on daily, slaughtering of young, innocentchildren, that if born, would easily find a home. What did they the unbornchild do wrong? Oh nothing, it’s just that the mother and/or father are justso lazy and irresponsible that they would rather see their child be butcheredthan have to change it’s diaper or feed it. Society today does not respectlife and therefore accepts the murdering of unborn children.
A major factor that is missing is society in today’s world are moralvalues. If people actually had morals, then abortion might not occur. Nomatter what anyone argues, abortion is murder, plain and simple. How could onedeny that when a doctor grabs his forceps and crushes a child’s skull and sucksout what was once a brain, how could they say that is not murder, how couldsomeone get away with doing this.
Then again people ask that same questionabout OJ. There are many abortion-slaughter techniques that are used today. Examples are the Dilatation and Curettage (D;C) where a loop shaped steel knifeis inserted and the child is cut into pieces, also there is the Dilatation andEvacuation (D;E) where the doctor uses forceps with sharp metal jaws and tearsthe child apart, piece by piece. Usually the head is hardened to bone and mustbe compressed or crushed in order to get it out. Another highly controversialtechnique that is getting a lot of publicity nowadays is the partial birthmethod.
This procedure in performed in the second and third trimesters ofpregnancy or between 20 to 32 weeks, sometimes later. Now according toAbortion: Some medical facts, a book printed by the National Right to Life,the partial birth technique is performed like this: “Guided by ultrasound, theabortionist reaches into the uterus, grabs the unborn baby’s leg with forceps,and pulls the baby into the birth canal, except for the head, which isdeliberately kept just inside the womb. ( At this point in a partial -birthabortion, the baby is alive. ) Then the abortionist jams scissors into the backof the baby’s skull and spreads the tips of the scissors apart to enlarge thewound. After removing the scissors, a suction catheter is inserted into theskull and the baby’s brains are sucked out. The collapsed head is then removedfrom the uterus.
” Now I don’t see a difference between the partial-birthmethod and say me going up to someone and stabbing them over and over again. The only difference is the outcome, were I would be charged with murder forcommitting such a crime , but the “doctors” that perform the 1. 5 millionmurders a year get paid and some even praised. Hopefully people will wake up and see that abortion truly is murder. The opposition usually contests that women have the right to terminate theirpregnancy whenever they want. Now I was taught that one could not have a rightthat conflicts with the rights of others, therefore the claim that women havesuch a right is irrelevant.
Most uninformed people think that the majority ofabortions are performed because the woman’s life is in danger, well that is notfact. Fact is that 93% of all induced abortions are done for elective,nonmedical reasons. To make it simple, they are just irresponsible, they aremurders and will have to live with that for the rest of their lives. Category: Science

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