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Published: 2021-06-29 01:48:18
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Modern medical technology has made it possible to extend the lives of many beyond the point of death. Death in recent times, often esures a long painful fall where on looses control both physically and emotionally. Some people accept that modern technology buys them time. While others find the loss of control frightening. They want their relatives to remember them as they were and not as a life prolonged by machines. Some people rather die than to live in pain. The demand for assisted suicides and euthanasia is increasing(kass 17). These issue raises many questions, legal and ethical. Although neither assisted suicides and euthanasia are legal, many people believe that it should be. A great number of people may never face this decision,but knowing that you have this option would be comforting. For those who will face this situation of love ones on medication, being treated by doctors, sometimes rely on the technical means of staying alive. Through self identification people evaluate their own lives and its quality through their morals and values. In order to maintain dignity the public has to report these evaluations and allow people to act in accordance to their own beliefs. The arguments aginst making euthanasia legal has to center points. The first is the fear that mercy killing will open the door to abuse, allowing a way to kill unwanted people.The second is the hippocratic oath, Physicans must not kill. On the other hand, death in three of four days throught starvation and dehydration- passive euthanasia, which is both legal and ethical and is a standard way of easing a termanially ill patient out of the world at his or her request is not the most pleasant way to die

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