A Philosophical Analysis – The Kid by Charlie Chaplin Essay

Published: 2021-06-29 01:49:50
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The film “The Kid,”? by Charlie Chaplin, accomplished success and has been viewed in repetition by many fans. The film was inspired by Chaplin’s private life and personal endeavors he experienced. Just before the shooting of the film, Chaplin’s infant child passed away. This tragic event fueled the idea of “The Kid?,” about an infant being abandoned by his mother. Or perhaps it was significant to Chaplin’s childhood, in which he was separated from his mother at the age of seven. However the creation occurred the movie is a huge success and an adventure to watch. The film was the first full length film directed and produced by Chaplin.
It also was the first mixture of the drama and comedy genres. It demonstrates its mixture of comedy and drama with the introduction from the use of an inter-title “a picture with a smile and perhaps a tear. ? Signifying, that the film would bring about different emotions in the viewer. The film is considered to be a silent film with sound effects and music. The narrative is introduced by inter-titles accompanied by words to help with dialogue. The editing style of the film had fades of black after every scene. It even fades into an oval shape at times. The movie is in black and white. The music was of orchestral instruments.
The music would speed up with the intensity of the film. Sometimes the music would be happy and optimistic which are in the funny moments. Others are sad and gloomy which are in the more serious moments. The film is about an orphan young boy who is left by his birth mother, she abandons her baby to fulfill her dreams of becoming a successful opera singer. The baby is passed on to several people before falling into the hands of actor Charlie Chaplin known as “The Tramp. ” ? The tramp is absurd in appearance, which is a display of his juvenile personality. He is not exactly the idea father figure, which is what makes the movie hilarious.
At first, the tramp is not settled at the thought of keeping the baby but eventually becomes compliant. Five years later, the boy and Charlie build an inseparable bond. After the mother becomes a “success ? she comes back to her hometown to serve the poor and give to charity. She crosses paths with her son unknowingly. In this scene, I can predict that she will reunite with the boy, by her deep breaths and heavy gaze while she introduces herself to him. In a sense, the actress makes the viewer feel she has known him her whole life. My prediction becomes true when, one day, the boy becomes ill and is need of medical attention.
In this scene the drama picks up in intensity when the authorities realizes that the kid does not belong to the tramp and is in fact the child of the opera singer. At that given moment the most emotional heartfelt scene comes into play. It is a scene in which authorities are actively taking the boy away. The tramp and the five year old boy fight to stay in each other’s presence. However, their fight is not favorable and the sadness of the lost can be felt among the viewer. The scene shows the boy reaching to the tramp while he reaches back. Unfortunately, they both are out of reach because they are being held down by the authorities.
I believe this scene is the reason for the film and the connection between Chaplin and his experience as a child as well of as the death of his infant child. The movie ends with a happy ending. The mother, the tramp, and the child together as one. Overall, the movie was a well put together. From the music to the use of inter-titles. It left the viewer confused in emotions as whether to laugh or cry. For that fact, Chaplin established his goal to mix the genres allowing the viewer to experience different emotions. The overall message of the moving was about loving and losing a child. Once again, that was accomplished.
The Kid, A Philosophical Analysis.  Philosophy and Philosophers. 19 June 2012.

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