Personal Essays

Broadly/VICE: What I Should Have Said: Women Reflect on Their Moms That Died Young

Daily Beast: Planned Parenthood Saved My Life

Your Tango: What It Really Feels Like to Be High on Cocaine

Your Tango: 10 Ways Recovering Addicts Love Differently

XoJane: Just Because I’ve Been Raped Doesn’t Mean I Have Intimacy Issues

XoJane: I Wasn’t a Credible Witness to My Own Rape

VICE: I Was a Suspected School Shooter

VICE: I Got Raped, Then My Problems Started

Politico: How Did Idyllic Vermont Become America’s Heroin Capital?

Hopes & Fears: I Overshared for a Week and People Questioned My Mental Health

Politico: What Mass Murderers Are Really Thinking

XoJane: I Have A Tramp Stamp and I’m Damn Proud of it

Your Tango: 10 Ways Recovering Addicts Love Differently 

Daily Beast: My Strange Passage From Suspected School Shooter to Prom Queen

VICE: I Spent a Year Being Exploited by a Shady Canadian Call Center

XoJane: Why Does Everybody Think I Care to Know How Attractive They Think I Am?

Westword: Music Hasn’t Gotten Crappy These Days. You Have.

Hunger Mountain: Craft Essay On Writing First Person Journalism On Trauma

Ladygunn: Fuck Diamonds, Acid is Forever

Ladygunn: This Story Rocks

Ladygunn: 6th Grade Ankle Spraining Party

Ladygunn: First Boyfriend

Powderzine: Mescaline Mistake

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