Eggolio and Other Fables

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“They [the stories] paint a world dominated by abusive authority figures, absurdly whacked-out priority systems and fast food. These bizarre parables and put-ons bear glowing blurbs from a wide range of cultural tastemakers — including, of all people, conservative writer and commentator Ann Coulter.” – Seven Days

“The stories reveal that when it comes to making you feel as though you just combined shrooms with the 1994 film The Pagemaster, projected on a thousand 80” screens simultaneously, Tron has the talent to fuck with you in a multitude of ways. She has a swift, cruel knack for guiding her characters through brief, hysterical episodes, each of which manages to relate bleak comedy suffering in a singular fashion. Eggolio and Other Fables establishes Gina Tron as one of the most essential satirists of this moment in time. Her fables remind us that no matter what, no matter how horrible things seem to be, you can probably find a way to make them funny.” – Drunk Monkeys

“I became a fan of Gina Tron’s from her nonfiction work and now see her fictional stories are hilarious — in a Franz Kafka sort of way.  These stories nonsensical and absurd, but, through humor and metaphors, this book is actually a satirical look at how ridiculous human beings can be. The first story, for example, uses a mass shooting at a chip factory to point out how inane reactions to national and international tragedies can be.” – Ann Coulter

“The stories in Eggolio and Other Fables read like modern fairy tales, and like many fairy tales, they hide all manner of sinister quirks beneath their veneer of unadorned language and ingenious plotting. From suicidal Starburst farmers and a watermelon-obsessed crab to a corpse preserved in chocolate and the unforeseen dangers of class clocks, Gina Tron’s narratives depict a world that’s both outlandish and horribly, chastening familiar — because the scariest thing about the grotesque world these characters inhabit is that it’s our own.” – Tom Hawking, Editor in Chief at Flavorwire

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